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Since releasing their DIY debut album, they have seen international success with their alt-pop singles.Gucht and West recorded and released one song a month for a year, starting in September 2014.Josephine: We’re currently deciding what we think of the music industry!Certainly in Britain we have a great music industry and people are definitely still passionate about music and passionate about releasing good records.You can’t buy and sell records as you used to but that’s only one aspect of it. For us it’s not like we’re in a scary industry, it’s jus something that we have to deal with.We’re in an amazing stage when you don’t need a massive deal with a label to help you get your music out there. There are bad things attached to that but those of us who remember going to record shops to buy CDs or whatever probably do have a lot of nostalgia about that time but it’s amazing that we’ve been able to record these songs in our house and can put them out there for people to enjoy. Anthony: Yes and we really enjoy this process of releasing a record every month – it’s very rare to be able to jump on a project from day one and be a part of that album evolving and then be there for the release date.

These monthly installations culminated a year later in the release of their album, which included two unreleased songs.

By Mikey Light November 1, at Some members of a oh wonder josephine and anthony dating rock band or boyband generally dominate the other, and are highlighted more. I have to ask, there are a lot of questions online asking if you guys are In Septemberthey created a Soundcloud page and, prompted to describe themselves, wrote: We try and emulate that.

Y., London singer-songwriter duo Oh Wonder grabbed breakfast in a small town en route to the airport. So much for Oh Wonder's continuing attempt to achieve anonymity — the "Ultralife" photo is the first time the duo has ever shown their faces on an album cover.

Five Spooky Works in Art History In what sims 3 expansion pack has online dating spirit of Halloween, take a look at what artists have created to show you the deadly, the ghostly, and the psychotic. Then maybe another couple of hours going over it making sure it works.

Last year, as she caught a train home from Heathrow, she sat next to a passenger "covered in blood [with] no teeth, looking sorry for himself". Their work has been remixed by notable DJs such as Louis the Child. It's weird people say it sounds like one voice—which I think it does.

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And I've got this really funny voice note, which is like, ' I'm getting high on humans!

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